How to hire the best commercial HVAC companies

We all must be aware of this fact that how important is having a consistent and completely functioned HVAC systems in business premises. As a business owner, you must be completely aware of this fact that if HVAC system in the building is not working properly then more people are going to affect including you. To avoid such havoc it is advisable to hire some best and trustworthy commercial HVAC repair company. Although it is a challenging job and you need to follow some important steps to get the experienced and skilled commercial HVAC companies in Noida.

Sometimes it is difficult to figure out the best among all the reputed commercial AC companies. It is always best to take out some time and find out more about those commercial HVAC repair companies by discussing problems and solutions with them, there is nothing wrong with it.Make a list of your questions so that it becomes easy for you to remember them and clear your queries. This process is definitely going to help you out in order to make your decision.

Before hiring any commercial HVAC repair company make sure to know about their previous projects. This gives you the clear vision of their work and efficiency. Know their customer satisfaction ratings as it is a big relief for you that you are going on the right track.


Well you have a great blessing these days and that is internet; with the help of internet, you can check the online reviews of your selected commercial HVAC companies. These online reviews are going to help you out many ways, first you know the online reputation of these companies and second, you come to know about their previous work and clients.You can directly ask their clients about the work satisfaction they had with the commercial HVAC service.

Now that you know all the pros and cons of the companies, you are going to make the best decision in choosing the trust worthy commercial HVAC repair company. By following these ways you not only going to find out the best but these tricks will also save you lot of time and money.

Are you still looking out for the best commercial HVAC service company? Then Lifeasy is one of the leading and reputed names among all commercial HVAC companies in Noida. We offer you the high-end commercial HVAC repair under the proper guidance of our experts.



Kitchen Cleaning

If you are looking for impeccable Kitchen cleaning services, then make sure that you consider Lifeasy which is the best on-demand home based service provider.  This professional firm has vast experience in providing Kitchen Cleaning Services in Noida, Kitchen Cleaning Services in Ghaziabad, Kitchen Cleaning Services in Delhi, Kitchen Cleaning Services in Faridabad and Kitchen Cleaning Services in Gurugram. With trained staff and latest machinery, Lifeasy’s team of professionals is ready to provide immaculate cleaning services at the best possible price. So, get stains removed from flooring, on the cabinets, get the best cleaning in your kitchen cabinets, tiles, sinks etc. by professionals.  Get an absolute clean kitchen with Lifeasy’s Kitchen Cleaning Services.


We all yearn for yummy home-made food just for two reasons: Mom’s cooking and Hygienic conditions. But the tarnished gas stoves and greasy chimneys have always been a trouble. Kitchens are easily prone to insects, bacteria, dust and lot more infections if not kept clean and hygienic on a regular basis. Call Lifeasy experts to battle with stubborn stains and get your kitchen crystal clean. We use superior cleaning agents and safe products to ensure dazzling shine and 100% hygienic kitchen. Our experienced team of kitchen cleaning handles your kitchen or kitchen accessories with care.

As we all know the kitchen is the most important part of a house. A hygienic house not only reflects your lifestyle but also attracts positivity. Your family’s health is very much dependent on your kitchen’s hygiene factor. Unhygienic kitchen attracts insects and bacteria affecting your health in a negative waymaking your family way too vulnerable to infections and diseases. Our kitchen spa program includes services such as exterior cleaning of your kitchen cabinets or storages, cleaning of all electrical appliances externally which need utmost care, sink clean-up, manual floor cleaningand gas stove cleaning along with platform cleaning. Don’t worry about the greasy chimneys, Lifeasy takes care of that too! Now forget all the stubborn stains and gift yourself a hygienic and clean kitchen making your cooking more healthy and pleasurable. Lifeasy offers Kitchen Cleaning in Noida, Kitchen Cleaning in Ghaziabad, Kitchen cleaning in Delhi, Kitchen cleaning in Faridabad and Kitchen cleaning in Gurugram.

Kitchen Cleaning

Be it holidays or late hours of the day, Lifeasy is always at your service. We give your convenience the utmost importance and thus you can schedule the cleaning program as per your choice throughout the day and avail our services from 8 AM to 8 P.M.Lifeasy has skilled and most knowledgeable cleaning and hygiene experts, using the safest and effective cleaning products, offering you this amazing and most effective kitchen spa at most reasonable prices offering you the best Kitchen Cleaning in Noida, Kitchen Cleaning in Ghaziabad, Kitchen cleaning in Delhi, Kitchen cleaning in Faridabad and Kitchen cleaning in Gurugram.

You need not worry about your valuable electronic equipment and kitchen accessories, our experts handle it with utmost care. Book our kitchen cleaning services totally as per your convenience.We understand the value of your time and hence assure you timely delivery of services. We offer effective all kinds of home services at minimal charges with no hidden charges.

Apart from kitchen cleaning, Lifeasy also offers deep home cleaning that includes cleaning every nook and corner of your home, bathroom cleaning which is next important hygiene factor of your home or just sofa and carpet cleaning. The services at Lifeasy are extremely flexible and that is one of the many reasons that Lifeasy’s home services are well-known for.

Call us on 8586882266 or book us online to get on-demand service for Kitchen Cleaning in Noida, Kitchen Cleaning in Ghaziabad, Kitchen cleaning in Delhi, Kitchen cleaning in Faridabad and Kitchen cleaning in Gurugram and other home services as per your convenience!


How to Hire Professional Home Painting Services

Painting your home can do wonders for your boring rooms; the colour of your walls can make your home look more classy and elegant. After the end of your hectic day, the only place where you feel relaxed and calm is your home so it is your responsibility to maintain its tranquil. A good way to start the process of painting is by hiring a trustworthy painting company. Here are some tips that will help you to find the right house painting services in Greater-Noida.

Go Online: Nowadays you can easily find anything on the internet; same goes for the home painting services. If you want to paint your home with some reputed and trustworthy company then you can easily find their online presence. Go online and search for home painting services in Greater-Noida. Apart from it, there are plenty of review sites. Check their reviews so that you get a good idea about the reputation of the company.

Verify their credentials: After selecting your house painting services company don’t forget to verify the company’s credentials. Make sure that they have properly experienced and skilled professionals to paint your house. After all your hose is your biggest assets and it is your responsibility to maintain its grace and beauty.


Go for interview: It is necessary to do face to face interaction with your service providers. By this, you will convey your ideas and information more clearly and it will also become easy for them to understand your needs. If you are still confused by the colour combination for your rooms then discuss with them and share your ideas. They help you out in a great way for selecting the best shades for your house.

Judge their knowledge:  Again it is also an important factor in order to hire a trustworthy home painting services Company. If your painter recommends high-quality paints and best services with the use of latest painting techniques then go with them. Don’t worry about your budget because they will provide you with the long-lasting performance and unsurpassed finishes.

Decide your payment schedules: After you finally choose home painting services, be sure to decide your payment schedules as it works for both the parties. Maybe sometimes it can cross your budget but at the end, you want your house painting remains last long and beautiful. For this, if you have to spend some extra penny then it shouldn’t be a big deal.

These are some constraints that you need to follow before going to hire professional house painting services. One such trustworthy and the reputed name is Lifeasy, they offer their best house painting services in Greater-Noida. They offer you great deals in home painting services in Greater-Noida and that easily fits in your pocket.

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As we are approaching summers, what’s the first basic thing that you want to be in top working condition in summers. I know you would say that the foremost are Ac’s to beat the heat, but Sir, it should be reminded that our most essential need is not cool air, but clean water. And who gives that clean water at home, Our very old Water Purifier. But what if one day you go to the kitchen and it doesn’t work. Relax, don’t get panicky, just dial Lifeasy and our best technicians would come to your home and solve the problem in no time.

So, if your Water Purifier Services is giving the following problems, time to book an appointment at Lifeasy …



The main work of a water purifier is to dispense room temperature water, but if its giving out warm water, your purifier is need for a check. You can check the wall socket or the cable wires. But if both the things are working properly, time to call a verified technician from Lifeasy, because water and electricity can be a dangerous combination. Let the team from Lifeasy see it and give you a solution.


It’s a bad and serious sight to see water on the floor as it can lead to accidents and can look dirty too. Don’t waste time and call Lifeasy immediately and the professionals would attend to your woes. They can see whether the drip tray might be full or your water purifier may be experiencing cracks. The team at Lifeasy would scrutinize the whole situation and offer replacement of the parts if any.


One of the very basic problems that we get while using a purifier is that water is not coming in the tap. Don’t take charge yourself, instead book an appointment at Lifeasy and our trusted professionals would see whether there is an airlock which is causing the problem or the candle has an issue.


If you water purifier gives out an odour, don’t take it likely and immediately call the trusted people from Lifeasy and let them sanitize your water purifier. They would see the root cause of the problem and solve it using their own equipment.

Water Purifier these days is not a luxury but an essential commodity for our livelihood and when it gives problems, the whole house hold gets tensed. But with Lifeasy you can breathe a sigh of relief. Lifeasy is a leading name in providing household services at your convenience and budget with their team of trusted, verified and experienced professionals. So, relax, sip a coffee and just log on to Lifeasy or download their app and let your water woes go away.

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So, ladies we are in 2017 and this new year what’s your new resolution? I bet it’s to look beautiful and stylish. But then how often can you rush to the salon leaving office, home and kids behind?

Don’t worry, Now you can now just pick up your phone or your laptop and just book an appointment at Lifeasy or log on to  and within no time, our professionals would be at your door step to make you look beautiful. Lifeasy has especially started this service for all ladies who can’t go to the salon often due to prior office commitments or our homemakers who have demanding kids at home and still want to have a salon like experience at home. But the question arises what is so good about ‘salon-at-home’ service



Just like everything, your body also needs relaxation and pampering. Lifeasy professionals come up with beauty packages best suited to your skin and the best part is you can enjoy this luxury in the comforts of your home at your own time and as per your convenience. Our trained professionals apply products which open your pores and let your skin breathe, in turn free them from all dirt and toxins of daily life.


It’s that time of the year when weddings are at its peak and what’s the biggest dilemma a woman has? It’s to go to a salon and get your makeup and hair done or even help you in the draping your outfit and then after all this walking out of the salon through the market among staring eyes. Well, now you don’t have to do that. Just call Lifeasy or log on to Facebook and our best makeup artists would come and make you a Cinderella without you stepping out. Ranging from a variety of makeup trends, our stylists would choose the best for you and give you a grand makeover.


Got an important meeting at office with preparations to be done and no time to rush, don’t panic, just call Lifeasy and our professionals would come at your doorstep, give you a nice facial by exfoliating, massaging and preserving the youthfulness of the skin. The skin would look radiant and would glow with our products. The trained professionals from Lifeasy would make your hands and feet smooth by giving you the best manicures and pedicures thus taking away all the tiredness.

Every woman is born beautiful both inside and outside. It’s just that the outer beauty needs to be enhanced from time to time and if it’s at the convenience of your time, then why don’t avail of it. Lifeasy gives you this luxury of calling the salon at home whenever you feel like, choosing from the best Beautician Services packages our trained professionals have for you. You would fall in love with the services from Lifeasy ranging from customized facials, manicures, makeup, hence making you younger and more radiant.


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How to Take Care of Your Home Appliances

Human beings need 3 things to exist- food, clothing and a house to live in. And what’s the most essential thing for a home maker to exist. yes, you guessed it right, it’s her very precious home appliances. Home appliances no doubt make the life of every human on Earth easy especially for the lady of the house. But like us, who keeps a tab on our health, home appliances also need to be looked after and taken care of. Refrigerators, Microwaves, Washing Machines all need time to time care so that they can give you services without any hiccups.


So, how does one need to take care of their Home Appliances Repair? We list out some of the points that can be kept in mind for the smooth working of these gadgets.


  • After using the microwave, always clean the spills on the revolving tray to avoid any stains.
  • Make sure that the microwave oven door is properly closed before starting it.
  • Don’t use plastic utensils while heating or cooking as they can melt and harm the food constituents.
  • Always use a soft cloth while cleaning as harsh cleaning pads might result in scratches.
  • Always clean the edges of the door carefully as they save us from the harmful radiations emitted
  • Don’t operate the microwave when its empty as this might reduce the life of the appliance and the steam emitted could be bad for health.
  • If you see any problem in the working, or the microwave is making noise or a burning smell is coming, immediately call Lifeasy and seek help from professionals


  • Keep a temperature monitor and keep a watch on the proper working of the fridge.
  • Make sure the working temperature of the fridge is appropriate so that the food stays fresh for a long time.
  • Avoid overloading your fridge and also don’t keep the fridge door open for too long.
  • Always bring hot food to room temperature and then only put it into the fridge
  • Get your fridge thoroughly cleaned and checked by a professional from Lifeasy to make it last longer.


  • Always wipe your machine drum after every cycle with a damp cloth and also wipe the outside of the machine ever week with a damp cloth
  • Use a washing machine cleaner monthly to clean the washer
  • Leave the lid of the machine open after every cycle to allow the moisture inside the drum to evaporate.
  • In case you hear loud sound or see water spilling out from the machine, call Lifeasy and take the services of a professional straightaway.

 Home appliances are more of a necessity these days rather than luxury products and their upkeep and maintenance is most important. Like any other services, they also need the help pf professionals for their wellbeing. So, go on and book an appointment with our service professionals and keep your home appliances clean.

 If you notice any kind of spill inside your washer, just wipe it away with a damp soft cloth right away. This is required to avoid the spill from spreading more and affecting the functioning of the machine.

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The right way of hiring a Movers and Packers

Shifting your home is no longer a herculean job as it once used to be. With the onset of the movers and packers industry the stress involved in shifting has significantly decreased. While these movers and packers give us quite a bit of comfort but there are certain things we need to know when hiring them. The industry now has so many options that finding a good and reliable one seems to be a difficult task.  Here’s some tips that can help you choose an affordable and reliable movers and packers for shifting your home.


Ask friends for recommendation

Ask your friends, family and coworkers to recommend a trustworthy Movers and Packers. If you are not satisfied with them, look in yellow pages for movers and packers in your area. You also have the option of finding one online.

Do proper screening

When you are done with making a list of recommended movers and packers, do an online background check. Look for customer complaints and scams related to the ones in your list. Ask the packers for referrals of past customers. Strike of all options which seems to be unreliable.

Get the estimates

You should shortlist at least three or four final options. Talk to them simultaneously and learn about their services and offerings. Ask the Movers and Packers to provide their estimates and always request for a written quotation. Do not trust on anything unless it’s written down on papers. See if the quotations have a thorough cost breakup of the entire process, like- packing charges, loading charges, unloading charges, transportation charges, unpacking and re-arranging charges, and other process charges.

Compare the bids

Compare the bids received from the shortlisted movers and packers. Ask if they have any hidden charges as well. Also check if they provide extra services like storage and warehousing and if there is any additional cost involved. Get everything on papers. Make sure they provide door to door relocations services.

Check for its license and insurance

Check if the Movers and Packers Services you selected provides insurance for the goods. Clarify regarding the scope of the insurance and also know about their insurance partners. Always insure your goods in the process of relocation.

Know their customer support

Note down their customer support number and check if it functions properly. Once your valuable goods have been dispatched this is where you can get all the related information. A good customer support makes it easy to track the status the transit as well.

Keep all documents at hand

Lastly, before you move make sure you have all the important papers with you. The insurance, the inventory list and all related things must be kept well.  Insist on making their payment through check, as this will provide a legal proof of the payment as well as help you get reimbursement in case you have a provision for that.

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